MFM-Disk Emulator/Reader/Cloner

JULY 2019

The project started at the end of 2012, parallel to the RL01 / Rl02 Disk Emulator. There were delays because the last used Be-Micro-CV board was no longer available ( see development history ).
2019 was restart of the project. As with the RL01/RL02 disk emulator, the DE10-Nano board has now been used. Again, a PCB board was developed and the existing software was ported to the SoC/HPS environment. The software is available with
version V1.0. As shown in chapter 1.0 it is considered to integrate both emulator boards on a single board with additional functions, like Floppy emulator, several serial interfaces with TU58 emulator. However, here is a very important point: I am now a pensioner. My efficiency decreases (especially when soldering). I also miss the locations and vintage hardware to test and verify the MFM-disk emulator project. There are still some issues left for this project, see chapter 1.2A. To realize everything alone is no longer possible, so I depend on cooperation. So far, unfortunately, I've had a bad experience, but maybe it works now with a cooperation. The entire Firmware and Software based on a Quartus V16.1 environment is open source and is also available on GitHub .
User Manual

MFM disk emulator startup
Get started Manual

A full, ready for use
configured SD-card-image for the DE10-Nano Board is also available. Download the image and copy it to the SD card with Win32DiskImager, for example. Login: root, PW: pdp11

DE10-Nano with attached MFM emulator interface @GPIO-0

Interface board