Info, Historical Development

August 2017
This project is not being further developed, mainly because the BeMicro-CV board is no longer available. There is
also a lack of time and the complexity of the project with "on the flight" MFM DE / EN-coding.

eBeMicro-CV-based Disk Emulator
he following pictures are showing the prototype design of MFM disk Emulator.
This new design allows not only the simulation of a MFM disk. In the Clone-Mode, a (partially) functioning disk can be stored on the SD card. Since the Micro-CV board has 125 MB memory available and also enough onboard memory, drives about 100MB can be supported. The optional WLAN interface replaces the serial interface and also the SD card.

Status, AUG 2015
Support von
ST506 (5.4 MB) , ST412 (10.1 MB) and ST225(20.4 MB)
PCB board is in design phase.
Firmware upgrades