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DEC RL01/RL02 FPGA based Disk-Emulator+

The operation of the RL01/RL02 Emulator is best viewed with a VIDEO via YouTube, however, in the first version, based on the DE1-Board.

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V2.8E Manual
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All Open Source based on
Quartus V16.1 environment

DE10-Nano Board Implementation
Complete port of the RL-emulator to a SoC/HPS environment based on the DE10-Nano board, primarily consisting of a CYCLON V FPGA with integrated ARM Cortex-A9 CPU. With the new software and firmware version V2.8E, the DE10-Nano Board works as an RL disk emulator (slave mode), RL disk reader / cloner / writer (master mode). The difference between slave and master mode is that in slave mode a real up and running DEC PDP-11 / -8 or VAX system must be available. Mixed operation of emulated and real RL01/RL02 disk drives is possible in both cases without any problems. The software supports reading and writing of the disk image format .DSK. This also enables a simple connection to the SIMH project. A detailed description with examples can be found in the Manual . The additionally required interface board is plugged onto the 40-pin GPIO, see picture. This interface board mainly consists of level converters and provides the 12 RL bus signals with the correct logic-level. The entire firmware and software based on a Quartus V16.1 environment is open source and is also available on GitHub. The LOM data are also available for a possible replica. Of course, it doesn't make sense to write on an old/real RL01/RL02 disk drive. I just implemented it as a personal challenge. In addition, I currently have no access to a real RL01/RL02 disk due to the corona pandemic. Perhaps someone would like to continue the project in this regard.

A full, ready for use configured SD-card-image for the DE10-Nano Board is also available. Download the image and copy it to the SD card with Win32DiskImager, for example. Login: root, PW: pdp11

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