1.1B STATUS and Project Completion

DEC RL01/RL02 FPGA based Disk-Emulator

The operation of the RL01/RL02 Emulator is best viewed with a VIDEO via YouTube, however, in the first version, based on the DE1-Board.

In cooperation with Computer Museum Muenchen
Development and completion of a PCB board for the RL01/RL02 disk emulator

Further informations:
A detailed description, User Manuel: README
For DE10-Lite user , a start-up Manuel: Getting_Started
New: 5 bootable RL-emulator images : emulator-images
Convert/verify .DSK <==>.DEC files: RL_tools
Circuit diagram and layout information:
Circuit diagram and layout information: RL_Emulator_v2_2
For questions, please send an e-mail to:

****** NEW ******
DE10-Nano board Implementation
Complete port of the RL-emulator to a SoC/HPS environment based on the DE10-Nano board. It is the ideal board . For example, a PDP-11 and PDP-8 emulator is also running because of the fast ARM Cortex-A9 CPU … and much more ! A Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a development system. You can comfortably use the graphical interface from the Raspberry and connect the DE10-Nano board via the network. This is so great because the DE10 Nano board is binary compatible ! For example, I have compiled the PDP-11 and PDP-8 emulators on the Raspberry and the binaries are runable on the DE10-Nano board. More details in DE10-Nano startup folder (README.TXT). The necessary disk-data convert programs are of course also available to convert the emulator format .DEC to .DSK and of course the other way round. The whole project is open source. I only used a standard editor (in my case the notepad ++) and a make file. Details on GitHub. The project is very fexible and this is just the beginning and there is still plenty of room for more additional extensions and applications. I would be very happy about a cooperation.


Flash/Load startup folder: DE10-Nano
Project folder @

Support SELECT und WLAN Mode
Version V2.0
DE10_UserManuel_V2.0 mit flash Ordner

Version V1.5

MAX10 / DE10-Lite Implementierung
64MB memory, emulates simultaneously up to 4 RL01 or RL02 disk drives.

Flash folder, all versions: de10_flash
Project folder @
Version V2.0 DE10_UserManuel_V2.0

BeMicro CV Implementation
128MB memory, emulates simultaneously up to 4 RL01 or RL02 disk drives, sorry, not available at the moment ?? (MAY 2017)

Flash folder: BeMicro_flash
Project folder @

DE0-Nano Implementation
E16MB memory, emulates 1 RL01 or RL02 disk drive

Flash folder: DE0_Nano_flash
Project folder @

DE1 Board Implementation
emulates only 1 RL01 disk drive

Our emulator interface also works with this relatively old DE1 board but there are some limitations due to the only 8MB SDRAM memory: - Only support of one RL01 disk drive. RL02 support not possible. - No FAT32 support for the SD-Card and incompatible file format. For further questions about this DE1 configuration, please send an e-mail.

DE0-Nano-SoC Board Implementation
This is the configuration based on the DE0-Nano-SoC board. It will probably be available in early of 2018 in the first version.

The entire project was ported successfully, but unfortunately the DE0-Nano-SoC board is no longer available. As mentioned above, a port to the DE10-Nano board was successfully completed.

In the end, this was my last wire wrap work.