7. References + Links


Documentation is very important to all Vintage Computer enthusiasts: bitsavers

Many infos of VAX-Systems and analog computers from my friend: VAXMAN

The Computer Museum in Munich will be expanded and has an extensive collection.

The COMPUTER HISTORY M U S E U M also has an YOUTUBE-Channel with many interesting videos about the Computer History. My favourite ist : PDP-1 Restoration

Gordon Bell's CyberMuseum for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC): Documents, Photo Albums, Talks, and Videotapes about Computing History

Additional pages with informations related to DEC Computer-Systems:

- Page from
Willam Bader with good informations about PDP-11 History .
PDP11.org Dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the PDP-11 series of 16-bit minicomputers.
- Will's PDP-11/23
Information Page - Restoration Tools
Carl Friend's Minicomputer "Museum"
- The Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 by Douglas W. Jones
- Interesting collection, DEC related from
Gerhard .
- RL02 disk drives: Service and Maintenance from
Joerg .
- DEC history and DEC products from
Cornelis .
- Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer History

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Welcome to The DEC Connection Member Forum!
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